Win the battle against cellulite with our top tips

Divine You Mag - Win the battle against cellulite with our top tips

Divine You Mag – Win the battle against cellulite with our top tips

A large portion of us are tormented by feared cellulite, yet before you pack away those shorts or dresses, we have the most recent science-sponsored arrangements that could offer assistance.

Cellulite is fundamentally a term used to portray the dimpled and uneven appearance of skin brought on by fat stores that are simply beneath the surface of the skin. Despite the fact that researchers don’t know precisely what causes it, it’s accepted to be identified with the body’s powerlessness to dispose of poisons, fat and liquid which gets to be distinctly caught under the skin and cause sinewy tissue to wind up distinctly hard, which is in charge of delivering the feared dimpling impact.

Just make these simple changes and get ready to put orange peel skin firmly ‘behind’ you!

Tip 1: Have a drink – but the right one!

Drink the recommended 1.5 liters of fluid a day to keep your skin hydrated and eliminate water retention. Cut down on coffee, caffeinated tea and alcohol, as these actually de-hydrate your body and add to the toxins that encourage it to hold on to fatty deposits. [1]

Tip 2: Increase your heart rate

One of the simplest ways to combat cellulite is to stimulate the lymphatic system. This is because the lymphatic system serves as a drainage system to rid the body of toxins and if running efficiently prevents the fibrous tissue under the skin from hardening and therefore causing the dreaded dimpled cellulite effect. So how do you stimulate your lymphatic system? Get exercising and breathing heavier. It really is that simple since studies show exercise can increase lymph activity by 10 to 30 times its activity at rest. Another good reason to get moving! Check out our cellulite workout to get going. [2]

Tip 3: Massage you skin

If in addition to all these tips you can use a sponge every day, your cellulite won’t resist long! Indeed you only need to massage your skin 5 min every day to stimulate your blood circulation and break up fat deposits to improve your skin. Regularly get out the body lotion and rub it in in circular motions, thus speeding up the body’s circulation and cracking down on fatty deposits.

At Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso we offer a great range of treatments that are targeting the minimization of cellulite. All you have to do is ask our experts about them and they will be happy to consult you! So now you can help your skin to look as smooth as a peach in no time!

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