Plants for a better sleep, is it a myth or not?

After a long day at work, nothing can be better than a relaxed and comfortable sleep. But, it is no fun when you spend the night tossing and turning while you struggle to get some sleep. And before you know it, off goes your alarm, ringing aloud, just when you finally managed to doze off.

When you have a sleepless night, it pretty much ruins the next morning. It affects your productivity and performance at work. It completely drains your energy and spoils your mood. On the whole, it messes with the quality of life. For this reason you could use some extra help from the nature. These 3 plants will help you sleep better due to their calming effects:


The smell of lavender is recognized everywhere as a great aid for relaxation. Lavender has been proven to lower heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels, which is why it’s perfect for the bedroom. The lavender plant likes warmth and sunlight, so ensure to place it on a sunny windowsill and water sparingly.[1]

Snake Plant

One of the most recommended plants for improving indoor air quality, the Snake Plant is a hardy and easy to care-for plant … always a plus! What’s great about this plant is that it emits oxygen at night time whilst simultaneously taking in carbon dioxide – something we naturally produce when breathing. All this leads to a purer quality of air and a better night’s sleep.[2]

Jasmine Plant

Jasmine is an exotic plant that’s smell has been shown to help improve the quality of sleep as well as alertness and productivity the next day! Just smelling this plant may help to reduce anxiety and stress.[3]

All in all there is one way to ensure a better quality of sleep – plants. Plants tend to spread a relaxing and purifying vibe. They bring freshness and vitality to your space and also enhance the natural aesthetics of the room. Filling your home with beautiful and lively plants can pave the way for a healthy sleeping pattern.


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