Is Eating Before You Go to Bed Healthy?

Healthy foods and dietary habits promote physical wellness and in many cases, restful nightly sleep. You may have heard that food eaten at night “turns into fat,” causes weight gain or metabolizes slower.

While these notions are mythical, your nighttime eating habits can influence your wellness and sleeping capabilities. If you’re prone to bedtime snacking, learning ways to do so properly is important. We have found three foods which fuel muscles, keep hunger levels low, and promote stable blood glucose levels … so your brain doesn’t wake up your body.

Divine You Mag - Is Eating Before You Go to Bed Healthy?

Divine You Mag – Is Eating Before You Go to Bed Healthy?


Although generally considered an energy-boosting food, bananas are rich in magnesium which relaxes muscles and they also contain serotonin and melatonin, which encourage sleep. [1]

Greek Yogurt

Like cottage cheese, Greek yogurt is high in protein and packs a calcium punch. Boost the healthy fat content of this low-fat snack with some flaxseeds. Together, these deliver a steady dose of fiber, protein and omega fats! [2]


There’s a reason you want to take a nap after Thanksgiving dinner; the tryptophan in turkey makes you sleepy. So it makes for the perfect pre-bed snack, especially because the protein will help you build muscle overnight. Enjoy a couple slices on whole wheat bread or crackers; the fiber will keep you satisfied all night, and the B vitamins will help your body absorb the tryptophan. [3]

Of those actively attempting to improve their sleep health through diet, a calming cup of chamomile tea is their sleep aid of choice, followed by a glass of hot milk or some wine. For best results, seek guidance from a qualified health care professional in order to propose you the best options for your personal needs.



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